I Got Married to a Villain
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Status Completed
Type Manhwa
Released 2021
Author 13th month's dawn, PPAKCHILLES
Artist Sadong
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)
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I Got Married to a Villain

I Got a Proposal From a Villain, I Got Married to a Villain, Kết Hôn Cùng Nhân Vật Phản Diện, La fiancée du vilain, Nikah Sama Penjahat, O pedido de casamento do vilão, Tôi đã kết hôn với một nhân vật phản diện, Я получила предложение от злодея, 悪役に求婚されました, 我被反派求婚了, 악역에게 청혼받았습니다

Synopsis I Got Married to a Villain

I Got Married to a Villain

Synopsis I Got Married to a Villain

In the realm of magic unforeseen events, my life took an unimaginable turn. I found myself witnessing a murder scene involving a notorious villain, only to be caught in his clutches moments later. The haunting sound of death echoed in my ears as he approached me, his hand concealed within his coat. Fear consumed me as I speculated what weapon he might retrieve—a knife? A gun? But in that perilous moment, the unexpected unfolded before my eyes.

To my utter bewilderment, instead of a deadly weapon, the villain pulled out a small velvet box from his coat pocket. Stunned and unable to comprehend this sudden shift, I could only manage a bewildered “What?” in response. The lines between anticipation of imminent demise and the reality of a marriage proposal blurred in this inexplicable twist of fate.

As the words “Will you marry me?” hung in the air, my mind raced to comprehend the motives behind this astonishing proposition. How could a villain, capable of unspeakable acts, be capable of such a bewildering act of love? The world seemed to stand still as I grappled with the conflicting emotions swirling within me.

I Got Married to a Villain manga

Caught between the perceived evil of the villain and the unexpected proposition of marriage, I realized that life’s twists and turns can defy all expectations. In the face of uncertainty, I had a choice to make—one that would forever alter the course of my life. Whether out of desperation or genuine affection, I found myself contemplating an extraordinary union with a man shrouded in darkness.

I Got Married to a Villain manhwa

As I stood at the crossroads of fear and curiosity, I couldn’t fathom what lay ahead. The path I had once envisioned for myself had been shattered, replaced by a fate intertwined with a villain. The journey ahead would challenge my beliefs, confront my prejudices, and force me to question the very nature of good and evil.

I Got Married to a Villain

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Chapter I Got Married to a Villain