I Married the Male Lead’s Dad
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2020
Author Gyammi, Ko Eun Chae, San-ho
Artist Eongsseu
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)
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I Married the Male Lead’s Dad

Aku Jadi Ibu Pemeran Utama Laki-laki, I Became the Hero's Mom, I Became the Male Lead's Stepmother, เมื่อฉันกลายเป็นแม่พระเอก, 成为偶像的亲妈, 我是名副其實的媽媽粉, 転生したら推しの母になりました, 남주의 엄마가 되어버렸다, 남주의 엄마가되어 버렸다

Synopsis I Married the Male Lead’s Dad

I Married the Male Lead’s Dad

I Married the Male Lead’s Dad, In my real life, I was content indulging in my admiration for Abel Louvremont, the captivating protagonist of my beloved novel, ‘Persona.’ Little did I know that my life was about to take an extraordinary turn. A tragic car accident transported me into the world of ‘Persona,’ but with a peculiar twist: Abel was still an innocent child. Suddenly, I found myself as Aisha Heathcliff, with the incredible opportunity to shower affection on the endearing young Abel up close. My heart soared with delight!

Determined to provide for him, I embraced my new role wholeheartedly. However, fate had more surprises in store for me. To my astonishment, I discovered that I was engaged to…his father! The realization brought forth a mixture of emotions, ranging from confusion to curiosity. How could my love for the young Abel now intertwine with a commitment to his father?

As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, I navigated the complexities of this unexpected situation. Along the way, I learned valuable lessons about love, sacrifice, and the unpredictable nature of life. The once simple admiration I had for a fictional character had transformed into a deeply intertwined connection with a real family.

Through the trials and tribulations, I witnessed the transformative power of compassion and unconditional love. My dedication to Abel’s well-being extended beyond mere infatuation; it became a profound commitment to his happiness and growth. In turn, this commitment led me to discover a deep appreciation for his father, recognizing the qualities that had drawn me to Abel in the first place.

“I Married the Male Lead’s Dad” is not just a tale of unexpected circumstances, but a testament to the beauty of human connections and the resilience of the human heart. It teaches us that life’s most extraordinary moments often emerge from the most unconventional beginnings.

As I continue this extraordinary journey, I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead, cherishing the love that brought me to this enchanting world.


I Married the Male Lead’s Dad manhwa

i married the male leads dad


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