I Only Treat Villains
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
Author Moon Sihyun
Artist passerby 지나가던 사람
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)
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I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains

Synopsis I Only Treat Villains

Synopsis I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains.

‘I’m not a healer!’

2 years ago…

After treating a patient who collapsed in front of my house, patients piled up one after another.

Syrinx an illegal jewelry craftsman, finds a patient sprawled out in front of her door again…Is this man…the greatest villain in the novel? who was reincarnated into a novel she had read in her previous life, and Heimdal Wespergo, the villain and final boss in the novel, who came to her house as a patient.

Syrinx never wanted to get involved with the original characters, but she keeps getting involved with Heimdal…

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