‏I Will Fall With The Emperor
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
Author Tenichi
Artist Tenichi
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)
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‏I Will Fall With The Emperor

‏I Will Fall With The Emperor, i will fall with emperor, i will fall the emperor Afundarei com o imperador, Eu Vou Cair Com o Imperador, お求め頂いた暴君陛下の悪女です, 황제와 함께 타락하겠습니다,

Synopsis ‏I Will Fall With The Emperor

Synopsis ‏I Will Fall With The Emperor

‏‏I Will Fall With The Emperor

If I had accepted his offer and ascended to the position of Empress during that crucial moment, would my life have been granted a little more time? It is a question that has haunted my thoughts, the lingering uncertainty of an alternate path. In accepting his proposition, perhaps I could have spared myself the anguish of my dislocated eye. Only when I traversed back a decade and stood beside him did I realize that he too had fallen, just as I had. Our similarities were striking, a connection that compelled him to seek me out.

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“You, too, will be corrupted. Then I will make it all come true,” his voice echoed, tempting me to join his side and become his mistress. In retrospect, I wondered if such a choice would have extended the thread of my existence. Perhaps, by acquiescing, I could have avoided the harrowing pain of having my eyes gouged out. Yet, instead of yielding, I vehemently proclaimed, “I refuse. I will not betray my country.” Little did I fathom that my beloved nation, along with my own kin, had long forsaken me.

‏‏I Will Fall With The Emperor

Sacrificed, exploited, abandoned, and ultimately sentenced to execution by the very hands of my own family—such was my tragic fate. It was only upon returning to the past, ten years earlier, that the truth began to crystallize before my eyes. The reason he sought my presence was clear: we were kindred spirits, entangled in a shared destiny of manipulation and abandonment. This time, I vowed, we would descend together into the depths of despair.

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Reflecting upon the tapestry of my life, I cannot help but ponder the divergent paths that lay before me. If I had embraced his offer, would I have traded a lengthier existence for the comfort of his embrace? Would the pain of my eye’s dislocation have been spared, replaced instead by the subtle caress of a life entwined with power and desire?

i will fall with the emperor manhwa

But fate had other plans. In defiance of my own preservation, I remained resolute in my loyalty to country and principles. “I refuse,” I proclaimed with unwavering conviction. Little did I grasp that my loyalty had become a double-edged sword, slicing through the bonds of trust that once held me close. Betrayed by the very entities I had sworn to protect, I realized the depth of their treachery only upon revisiting the past.

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In the echoes of history, I understood the gravity of our shared connection. We, who had been used and discarded, abandoned and sacrificed, would not bear our burdens in solitude. The cruel hands of destiny had bound us together, our intertwined fates etched in the annals of time. As we stand on the precipice of our tragic narrative, I offer a whispered plea to the winds: let us fall together, for in unity lies a bittersweet solace.

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In the tapestry of life, choices are mere threads, weaving a complex mosaic of joy, sorrow, and unforeseen consequences. As the embers of my existence wane, I find solace in knowing that I remained true to myself, even in the face of betrayal. And so, I cast my gaze upon the horizon, bracing myself for the final chapter that awaits—a chapter where the echoes of our intertwined destinies will forever resonate.

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