Say Ah, the Golden Spoon Is Entering
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Status Hiatus
Type Manhwa
Released 2021
Author Portofino
Artist Sin Yu Seong
Serialization Kakaopage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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Say Ah, the Golden Spoon Is Entering

Katakan Ah, Sendok Emas Akan Masuk, Oh Yes, a Golden Spoon!, Here Comes the Silver Spoon!, อ้าปากสิคะ เดี๋ยวฉันป้อนด้วยช้อนทอง, 人生勝ち組令嬢が通ります, 请张嘴,金汤勺来了, 財閥千金保位戰, 아 하세요, 금수저 들어갑니다

Synopsis Say Ah, the Golden Spoon Is Entering

Say Ah the Golden Spoon Is Entering

Say Ah, the Golden Spoon Is Entering,

Adelaide Sergio had never experienced true luxury until she was reborn as the daughter of a wealthy count. Life seemed idyllic as she anticipated inheriting the family estate. However, her dreams of a privileged existence were shattered when her scheming sister suddenly became engaged. Now, everything was in disarray, and Adele had only two weeks to find a husband to secure her future.

Desperate and determined, Adele turned to the temple in search of a holy knight, hoping to find a man who could sweep her off her feet and fulfill her lofty aspirations. To her surprise, she discovered that the commander of the knights was the embodiment of perfection: handsome, respectable, and seemingly untouchable. However, her attempts to win his affection were met with indifference.

Undeterred, Adele embarked on a quest to capture the heart of the cold commander before time ran out. She spared no effort in showcasing her charm, intelligence, and grace. Every encounter became a battle to prove her worthiness, her determination unyielding. The stakes were high; failure meant losing the golden spoon that had been placed in her mouth.

As the days passed, Adele’s unwavering perseverance began to chip away at the commander’s icy facade. Slowly but surely, he began to see the depth of her character and the genuine love she held for her family. With each passing moment, the commander’s heart thawed, revealing a hidden vulnerability.

In the end, Adele’s tenacity prevailed, and the once uninterested commander became captivated by her spirit. Love blossomed amidst the chaos, and the golden spoon that seemed destined to be snatched away remained firmly in Adele’s grasp.

Say Ah, the Golden Spoon Is Entering is a tale of determination, love, and the resilience of the human spirit. It reminds us that no matter the challenges we face, with unwavering determination, even the coldest of hearts can be warmed.


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Chapter Say Ah, the Golden Spoon Is Entering