The Monster Princess
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The Monster Princess

The Monster Princess, 괴물 황녀님

Synopsis The Monster Princess

The Monster Princess

Synopsis The Monster Princess

In the realm of the Camullita Empire, a magnificent kingdom filled with magic and wonder, there lived a remarkable princess named Arbella. Renowned as the empire’s top magician and hailed as the epitome of perfection, Arbella’s life took an unexpected turn when she fell victim to an enigmatic illness.

Tortured by relentless pain, Arbella found solace in her dreams. One fateful night, amidst her writhing suffering, she envisioned her future. However, to her dismay, she discovered a haunting figure in her dream—the one person she least expected—her step-sister, Judith. The audacity of this lowly slave-born girl to steal her glory ignited a fire within Arbella.

The Monster Princess manhwa

Driven by her desire to survive and reclaim her rightful place, Arbella delved into forbidden magic, desperate to alter her fate. Alas, her pursuit of power led her down a tragic path, ultimately sealing her own doom. As she awakened from her dream, tears cascaded down Arbella’s face, prompting her to devise a cunning plan.

Resolute in her strategy, Arbella resolved to keep her step-sister close, recognizing her as a future adversary. Additionally, she aimed to acquire the loyalty of Judith’s guardian knight, knowing that this faithful companion would eventually become a sacrificial pawn in her pursuit of forbidden magic. With meticulous precision, Arbella set her plan in motion, inching closer to achieving her goals.

As the threads of manipulation tightened around her targets, Arbella reveled in the satisfaction of having her sister and the knight within her grasp. Little did they know that the once-beloved princess had transformed into a monster, driven by envy and consumed by ambition.

The stage was set for a battle of wits and wills, where alliances would crumble and dark secrets would emerge. In the realm of the Camullita Empire, the Monster Princess would rise, forever altering the course of their intertwined destinies.

As Arbella’s plan unfolds, the tale of The Monster Princess unfurls, revealing the intricate dance of power, betrayal, and survival in a world where even the most perfect souls can succumb to darkness.


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